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Apply by April 15,  2019 

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Program Sheet and Itinerary
Child Development in Morocco Video
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The Course: GLS-120 Education Experience Abroad

Kirkwood students will travel to Azrou, Morocco, to assist rural communities with education and wellness on a servicelearning study abroad program. Prior to departure, the group will meet several times on the Iowa City and Cedar Rapids campuses to learn about Morocco through guest speakers, short readings and inquiry projects. Students will select a research focus related to a topic of inquiry of their choice and use that as a project for the course, both in-country and on return. In addition, students will keep a journal to reflect on their experiences and the impact of service work abroad.
The Country:

Morocco is a gateway to Africa, and a country of incredible diversity. Here you will find vast mountain ranges, prehistoric cities, wide deserts and warm hospitality. Culturally, it is a blended nation, with Berber (Amazigh), Arab, West African and European cultures on the northern tip of Africa. It is a stable, independent nation with close ties with European and African nations, so the country is a pivotal area for crosscultural opportunities. For our two-week program, you will be living and working in Azrou, Morocco, immersed in the vibrant community of the Atlas Mountains, where you will have a lasting impact on child education and child health.

The Service:
Kirkwood is collaborating with Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS), a nonprofit volunteer organization, to respond to the local needs of the Azrou community. Each morning, Monday through Friday, you will embark on your volunteer work to support child education or child health by doing meaningful work such as giving language lessons in elementary schools, teaching public health concepts to children, building wash stations in the community or performing other sustainable activities designed with the community to make sure it is directly helping with their needs. Throughout your volunteer experience, you will have the full support of the CCS team and your Kirkwood team to make your impact.

Program Highlights:
  • Service learning in the Azrou, Morocco, community helping with child health and child education
  • Reside in CCS home base, a beautiful larger house with patios and a 360° view of the surrounding mountains
  • Meals provided by CCS cooks
  • Guided cultural activities each afternoon, such as Darija
  • Arabic lessons, cooking classes, visits to local artisans, the weekly market, and engage in conversations about Islam, women in Morocco and the local life
  • Weekday guided longer excursions to area cultural locations, such as the Grande Mosquée in Casablanca and the stunning medieval city of Fez and other sites
  • Weekend guided camel trek into the vast and picturesque Sahara desert. Arrive at a Berber camp that’s fully equipped with comfortable tents, furniture and rugs for an overnight stay under the stars after a multicourse meal, enjoying Berber drums and dancing
  • Build enduring connections with Moroccan and Kirkwood friends
Estimated Program Fee: $4,200
$1,000 Global Advantage Scholarship Available!

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Some Meals
  • Health Insurance
  • Cultural excursions with experienced faculty
  • Most In-Country Transit

Does not include:
  • Tuition: 3 credits Summer 2019
  • Passport Fee
  • Personal Expenses

Program Contact:
Shelby Myers, Professor, English
346 Iowa City Campus