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Parents and Family

Kirkwood  International Programs  is dedicated to assisting your student in making their study abroad experience a success. On this website, you will find information on specific study abroad programs, funding, travel, and study abroad policies. We invite you to review this information along with your student and discuss any remaining questions you have with their study abroad advisor. 

Note: Due to federal student privacy regulations (FERPA), it may be best to direct questions through your student, so answers can be given freely, without concern for detail restrictions. 

Assisting Your Student with Study Abroad
Before they go:
  • Talk with their students about how they are going to pay for their study abroad experience. Information found in the Funding Study Abroad section of the website can be used to inform this conversation.
  • Set up a Communication Plan, so both parties know when you and how you will be interacting while your student is abroad.
  • Ensure they attend Pre-Departure Orientation.
  • Get copies of their travel information, passport, and other important documents to keep on hand in case they get lost or stolen while out of the country.
  • Have a conversation about what your student hopes to get out of their time abroad. Going in with goals can help direct their actions and make for a more fulfilling experience. 
While they are abroad:
  • Follow the communication plan you set up before they left, but be open to changes. Once they are abroad, students may get caught up in the experience or be busier than anticipated.
  • Encourage your student to document their experiences. This will be a helpful tool for them once they return.
  • If necessary, remind them of their goals. If a student is feeling homesick or seems to be questioning their actions, help remind them why they wanted to go.
  • Educate yourself on Reverse Culture Shock and how it may affect your student when they return. 
Once they return:
  • Let your student talk about their experience. Reflection on one’s experience is the final step of study abroad and provides an opportunity for further growth. Encourage them to delve deeper and ask probing questions when you feel it is appropriate.