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France/England - Origins of Photography

France_England Photography

Application Deadline Extended: Apply by February, 24, 2017

$1,000 Global Advantage Scholarship Available 

Program Info Sheet: France and England 2017.pdf

Detailed Itinerary: Origins of Photography 2017.pdf

Exploring the Origins of Photography For centuries, humans had experimented with cameras, optics and the characteristics of light. We also knew the properties of certain light sensitive chemicals. However, no one ever thought to put the camera and the chemistry together to invent photography until 1839 when, remarkably, 24 different individuals simultaneously conceived of the idea! Have you ever wondered what life might be like without photography? Have you ever wanted to know about the first inventors, where they worked and what interested them?  What kind of pictures did they make?
This program is an in depth study of the first 100 years of photography that includes an excursion to France and England where the majority of the inventors lived and worked. The course also includes instruction on how to be a better photographer with links to apps for making your smart phone a better camera.
Program Highlights:
  • In depth course on early photographic history
  • Instructions on making better photographs, even with your smart phone
  • Travel to France and England where photography was invented
  • Explore Provence, France and see the ancient Roman coliseums and monuments where the first photographs were made.
  • See the tiny town of Chalon sur Saone where the museum of French photographic invention is located.
  • Visit Medieval Gothic architectural sites where early photographers worked
  • Tour Paris and see the famous monuments of the modern era: the Eiffel Tower, the Museé d’ Orsay and the Louvre.
  • Ride the railway under the English Channel and visit London
  • Tour the famous monuments and museums of London: Tower Bridge, Victoria and Albert Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Tate Modern Museum
  • Visit the Isle of Wight where one of photography’s most famous female portrait artist lived and worked
  • Take and excursion to Lacock Abbey where not only the Harry Potter films were made but where photography was invented.
  • Recreate the first photographic process in the 19th century laboratory where the medium was invented.
Paris Fountain 17

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The Course:
HUM-200, International Studies in the Humanities 

Program Fee: $4,300
  • Round trip airfare
  • Housing
  • Many cultural excursions
  • Some meals
  • Insurance
Does not include:
  • Passport fee
  • Tuition (3 credits)
  • Personal spending money
Faculty leader: Christine Flavin has taught photography and the history of photography for twenty years. She has traveled extensively to France and England touring both with students as well as pursuing her own research. She has extensive knowledge of both digital and historic photographic processes.  

Tower Bridge 17