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Australia - Liberal Arts

18 Sem Aus
Partner Institutions:
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology:
Swinburne University of Technology:

Language of Instruction: English
Length:  One semester (Fall or Spring)

Important documents and videos to check out: 

RMIT Brochure

RMIT Video 

Estimated Cost: $9,000 to $11,500 


The Study Abroad Experience:Study in Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia and the birthplace of Australian film and art. RMIT and Swinburne offer vibrant campuses with a diverse population of local and international students. Melbourne is a fantastic study abroad destination for students who want to take advantage of the diverse cultural opportunities afforded by Australia’s most livable city.

The Course: Kirkwood has exchange agreements with two postsecondary institutions in Melbourne, Australia – RMIT and Swinburne. Students should meet with their academic advisor to align their educational goals with study abroad. Most credits will appear as transfer credit from the overseas institution. It is important to meet with your academic advisor, financial aid advisor and study abroad advisor before you decide to study abroad for a semester.

Semester study abroad process: 

Step 1:

Step 2: Meet with your academic advisor to review your degree audit and program completion plan. 

Step 3: Meet with a study abroad advisor to talk about study abroad plan. Please bring your degree audit or AA/AS sheet. 

Step 4: Complete the Semester Course Approval Form with the assistance of the study abroad advisor and academic advisor. 

Step 5: Interview with study abroad committee and if nominated for semester study abroad ....

Step 6: Complete exchange application with RMIT or Swinburne with the assistance of the Kirkwood study abroad advisor

Step 7: Prepare for travel abroad! (Book tickets, housing, etc) 

Application Deadlines: 

  • Spring 2018 Semester: October 15, 2017

  • Fall 2018 Semester: March 15, 2018


Program Contact:
Ken Nesbett, Study Abroad Advisor
International Programs Office, 1154 Linn Hall