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Virtual Exchange: Jordan

2018 Jordan capture
Application Due: Feb 1, 2018 

Printable Program Sheet: 2018 Jordan 

Free Info Session: Tuesday, January 30, 11:15 am, Linn Hall 1140 

The Course: Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge: Honors Course, 1 credit 
Join an international team of students from Kirkwood and Jordan to compete in a virtual competition with a focus
on sustainability. The team of local and international students will develop a sustainable business plan and video
for a specific industry. The chosen industry for this year’s challenge is hospitality and tourism. This experience will
enhance your leadership, team-building and problem solving skills and is open to students in any major or career
field. The winning team earns travel to a global summit in Washington DC in December 2018 where you will meet
your Jordanian partners!
The Destination:
This virtual exchange allows you to engage with your international peers without leaving Iowa! Jordan is an Arab
nation on the east bank of the Jordan River, between Israel and Saudi Arabia, defined by ancient monuments,
nature reserves and seaside resorts. The country and the people have a tradition of welcoming visitors. A safe haven
in a region of conflict, has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage sites, friendly towns and
inspiring desert landscapes.
The Virtual Exchange:
Teams are led by a Kirkwood faculty member and paired with an international team in Jordan. You will meet in person with your Kirkwood partners and engage virtually with your Jordanian partners through video conferencing and an online Challenge Virtual Platform. You should expect to work about 2-3 hours per week on the challenge. Tuition is waived for the honors course, so the program cost for the course is free.

Team Positions:
You will select one of these roles on the team.
  • Director: Leads the team towards a high-quality, innovative hospitality sustainability solution.
  • Manager: Keeps the team on schedule and on task for the day, week, and overall challenge.
  • Technology Specialist: Manages, troubleshoots, and innovates technology needs for the challenge.
  • Marketer: Leads creative thinking and research about marketing the business idea.
  • Researchers (2): Researches the sustainability challenge topic in detail and finds solutions to problems.
  • Recorder: Writes up team challenge notes and records discoveries and lessons learned.
  • Journalist/Social Media Manager: Takes photos and videos throughout the sustainability challenge and keeps the team blog and other information on the Virtual Platform up to date. 
Experience Highlights:
  • Real-world problem-solving: tackle real global challenges at an industry level
  • Global Citizenship: build enduring connections and enhance your cross-cultural communication skills
  • Resume Builder: showcase your global competencies to future employers by competing in challenge!
Competition Timeline:
  • February 1, 2018: Applications Due
  • February 12 2018: Global Solutions Sustainability Challenge and Virtual Exchange Begins
  • April 2018: Video Contest Entries Submitted
  • May 2018: Semifinalists Notified
  • December 2018: Winter Global Solutions Summit in Washington, DC
Program Contacts:
Sondra Gates, Professor, English
Cedar Hall 3025
319-398-5899 x5840
Lori Merlak, Professor, Management
Nielsen Hall, Room 126
319-398-5899 x5954
Ken Nesbett, Study Abroad Advisor
International Programs, 1154 Linn Hall
Dawn Wood, Dean
International Programs, 1154 Linn Hall